Messenger of Light – Our New Them – April 26, 2024


April 26, 2024 by Marcus

We are excited to share with you our new Theme song for the ministry.
Here are the Lyrics:

Rising up
Shining bright
Like a beacon in the night
Spreading love
Spreading hope
With every step we take
Guided by a higher power
We’re messengers on a mission
Bringing peace to every soul
Through the gift of our transmission

[Verse 2]
In this world of darkness
We’re a ray of divine light
Our message is of faith
And love
Shining ever so bright
Through the airwaves
Our voices carry
Reaching far and wide
Touching hearts
Stirring souls
With God’s grace as our guide

Messenger of Light
We bring the Gospel to all
Messenger of Light
Responding to the heavenly call
Through the airwaves we proclaim
The message of eternal grace
Messenger of Light
The Messengers Radio
Leading the way


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