Prayer for Salvation

God loves you, but He doesn’t love your sin.  He created you, but He can’t use you until you repent from the heart.  When you repent and turn away from your sin, then He can use you.  If you have professed to give your life to God, but are still willfully sinning, you are in danger of hearing the words, “Away from Me, I never knew you.”

It is all about a relationship with God.  When you are in a relationship with someone, you want to get to know all about them.  You want to spend time with them.  You just want to be near them.  It is the same with God.  We all need to be in a relationship with Him and we do that by spending time with Him.

We read His Word and find out who He was, is, and is to come.  We talk to Him.  We listen to Him.  We hear His voice because we know it from spending time with Him.

When we are truly repentant and want to live for Him, we can be baptized and let go of all of our old sins.  We truly die to ourselves and live for Christ.  When we go under the water, we die with Christ and we are raised with Christ.  We then want more of Him, because He is so wonderful in our lives and is performing wonderful signs for us, such as replacing our old life with a new one.

To get even closer, we get baptized in Holy Spirit.  This gives us unadulterated access to Him all the time.  We begin to speak to Him in His own language.  We don’t even have to know what we are saying.  We just know we are praying the perfect will of God.  Then, we listen and become able to communicate with Him on many levels.  Life lived full of the Spirit and led by God is the most freeing and wonderful life.

Everything can change and He will use you any way you will let Him.  So, yes, God does love everyone, but only those who repent, are cleansed, and are walking with Him are the ones He chooses to use.  Choose to make God the Lord of your life right now.

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