Attributes of God: Kindness – March 24, 2023


March 24, 2023 by Marcus

Has someone recently shown you kindness?  That is one of God’s attributes.  He is so kind and leads us by example.  There are simple ways to show God’s kindness to others.  Marcus and Tricia have fun explaining more about the kindness of God.   Join The Messengers on their Social Media Platforms:   The Messengers Website: The Messengers Ministry: Tricia’s Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube:   Soundcloud: Spotify: iTunes: Discord: Reddit:

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  1. Carla Whatley says:

    Hey Tricia…this is Carla. I met you at the meeting this morning. Looked for you tonight to let you know I watched one of your videos. You and your husband do an awesome job…so good! Thank you for sharing with me. Hope to see you tomorrow before we head out of town. Blessings!

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